We like to be in business with honorable and astute people and with companies who look to the long-term when defining success. This requires a responsible approach to the environment. While we are in the process of monitoring regulatory requirements and guidance, at this point in time our Wertanlagen Fund should not be confused with an Art. 8 or Art. 9 fund in accordance with Regulation (EU) 2019/2088.

At the core of our assessment we form a view on normal returns on equity p.a., stretching out into the future.

Preferred tailwinds:

> resource efficiency/circular economy, incl. water as a resource

> provision of basic human consumables (e.g. food, P&C insurance)  

> consolidation opportunities as leader in fragmented markets

> favourable exposure to demographic trends, incl. exposure to emerging markets growth

> “Blue Oceans” where the product creates the market

> modern sales and distribution channels such as Amazon, social media

> internet of things (e.g. home and factory automation) and artificial intelligence

> clean electrification of energy and transport

> beneficiary of measures to slow down climate change

> cyber security market (e.g. IT services) 

> virtual network effects, data collection or data commercialisation

> on-shoring